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The Church of Humanity Repentant is a disparate collection of religious movements who have rejected the arrogant traditions of the High Imperial Church. Its homeworld is on the planet Cabina. To think is to have a soul; to have a soul is to be one with the divine.

This is the faction wiki, it is open to all faction members to post their ideas, characters, and/or sects. There are also the main and branch articles on the CHR on the official Far Verona wiki. If you wish to make more than minor edits to the official wiki, please try to at least run your ideas by the patron faction channel on discord. We want to try to keep the more speculative and tentative ideas on this wiki first before they are moved to the official wiki.

Doctrine Edit

All sects and branches of The Church of Humanity Repentant must believe in and abide by the Three Tenets at the bare minimum:

1) The Soul begets Consciousness, Consciousness begets the Soul.

2) All conscious life is valuable, and should be treated with respect.

3) We must atone for the mistakes of our past through Repentance, in Word and Deed.

The specifics of these doctrines and their effect on behavior, politics, and day to day life vary from place to place, but all who call themselves members of the True Church subscribe to these three beliefs. [1]

The Church of Humanity, Repentant Edit

You can find more general introductory information on the CHR on the official wiki, or on the main Church article on this wiki, here.

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  1. Criteria set forth by Spacemaster Adam: Progressive religion, formed post alien-sector-genocide war. Apologists and reunifers. Repentant, Varying from barely religious people such as xenologists to martyr cults and alien fetishists. Attempt to make good on human crimes on aliens and synths. Believe that consciousness and soul are one. Not a splinter cult, has a big following. Promotes acceptance and love. Probably is friends with or courted by the UPC

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